Implant Solution

Implant Solution

it is one of the most advanced treatment in dentistry which require  high precision and accuracy. We provide the best implant solution  to you, done by our highly experienced implant team

  • Dr. Mohit Khandelwal, MDS (Endodontics ), PG certified British academy of dental implantoogy
  • Dr. Pornika Chakravarty MDS (Periodontics )
  • Dr. Suchetana Basak MDS Prosthodontics

Our highly qualified team ensures that you get the best implant solution for single tooth losss or multiple teeth loss which lasts longer.

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Removable Prosthe

replacement of few/all missing teeth with complete denture and removable partial denture.

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special care for children’s dental pain, infection and caries. Fluoride treatment to prevent future caries problems.

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teeth whitening beyond their natural colours using various active ingredients.

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